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What is a CSA?

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is simply that – a farming model built around you, the consumer, and your community. Angell’s Farmstead & Apiary isn’t part of NAFTA, we don’t sell nationally or internationally – we sell locally…very locally to our surrounding communities. CSA members commit to buying fresh farm produce for a season, so that we, your farmer, know how much to grow. This is called your share—and your farmer commits to growing that food for you. This agreement  ensures a steady stream of freshly harvested vegetables for you and a livelihood for a small family farm.

Why Angell’s Farmstead & Apiary?

Here on the farm, we sell what we grow. This might seem obvious, but many CSA’s actually supplement with vegetables from other regions or farms so that they can have a CSA year round. We don’t do that.  If we sell it, we grew it. If you buy from our farm, we grew it on our farm. With that said, our vegetables are seasonal. We don’t sell zucchini squash in January because zucchini – a warm weather vegetable – simply doesn’t grow in southeast Texas in January. At Angell’s Farmstead & Apiary we do not use chemical pesticides or unnatural fertilizers.   We grow your food using organic, sustainable methods, although we have not gone through the certification process.  That process is simply too expensive and time consuming at this point. However, we are researching the certification and considering it for the future.  Regardless of the bureaucracy behind certified organic, we grow your food using sustainable, natural methods. Please feel free to contact us and tour our farm.

How does Angell’s Farmstead & Apiary CSA work?

Compared to many, our CSA is different. The standard CSA model requires members to purchase the veggies in advance of the season. That way the risk is shared by all CSA members and the farm. That’s not how our CSA model works. Prior to the season, all members pay a small, non-refundable fee of $25. This helps with the purchase of the required seeds. As the seasonal vegetables are harvested, members agree to purchase the weekly vegetable share. Members will have a choice of a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly share.

A weekly share will feed 1-2 people for the week.  A bi-weekly (every other week) share will be slightly larger than a weekly share and if stored properly can last 1-2 weeks. The monthly share will consist of an extra large share intended to give you a good amount of vegetables that you can meal prep with or store properly, and/or freeze throughout the month.  Occasionally, we will have add-on items available. These add-on items might be eggs from our chickens,  a 1/2 pint of our delicious honey, or possibly scratch-made bread. As of now, we won’t ask for you to sign any contract.  We just ask that you commit to a share size option and honor your word – one family to another.

Where do CSA members pickup their share?

We have a pickup locations in the Bryan/College Station area, Anderson, Huntsville, Montgomery, and The Woodlands/Spring area. Additionally, you can pickup your share on our farm. Don’t see your city on our list?  Let us know where you are if we can more members in your area we will add it to our destination list!

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding our CSA.

1.       Where are the pickup locations?
There are several options for picking up your CSA share once the seasonal vegetables become available.
  • Bryan/College Station
  • Anderson
  • Huntsville
  • Montgomery
  • The Woodlands/Spring
  • At the farm
2.       What time are the pick-ups?
Once the season starts, and vegetables are available, we will have a specific day, time and place to pick up your vegetables. As an example, Tuesdays @ 9am College Station/Towerpoint HEB (this is only an example not an actual time).
3.       What’s going to be in the shares?
What is in the share depends on what is in season and ready.  Additionally, the prices will vary slightly depending on the week’s harvest.
4.       What’s the weekly cost?
Once our vegetables are ready, we will notify the members, posts pics of shares. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly shares.  Costs range from $25-$50.
5.       What’s the season fee?
The small season membership fee is $25. It’s due prior to the beginning of each growing season. This fee goes towards seeds, supplies and other necessities for the growing season. It is nonrefundable.
6.      Is there a contract for the season?
No, there is no legal contract. This is an agreement between our family and yours. We agree to grow seasonal vegetables for you. When those vegetables are available for harvest, you agree to purchase those vegetables we have grown for you.
7.       How do we pay?
We accept cash, checks and utilize PayPal and Venmo for weekly share fees and initial season fees – it’s that easy!
8. Can we visit the farm?
Yes you can visit the farm.  Just contact us and we can arrange a tour and visit.
9. Can we help out on the farm?
If you are interested on helping out on the farm just let us know and we can set something up. Learning about how ones food is grown, to include the labor that it requires, is something everyone should do from time to time.