Our Approach

Currently, we sell honey produced on our land by our bees. We harvest and bottle the raw wonderful honey ourselves.  Additionally, we grow seasonal, chemical free vegetables in a high-tunnel system and traditional open-air crops. We believe sustainable agriculture is important, therefore we do not practice the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and we use only natural methods (such as cover crops, mushroom compost, natural manure, crop rotation) to maintain the health of our soil. We also have a flock of chickens and eventually plan to offer eggs as our flock grows. We are working to create a small CSA (community supported agriculture) program for local families. If you are interested, please send us a message!

Our Story

Angell’s Farmstead & Apiary calls Grimes County, Texas home. Our family farm practices sustainable agriculture on the border between east and central Texas. We are small but we are growing. The farm currently produces fresh seasonal vegetables on 10-acres and maintains eighteen honey bee hives. We are currently in the pilot stage of a community supported agriculture (CSA) program and sell our honey and vegetables at a local farmers market. It wasn’t always this way.

In 2008, after college and ten years in the Marine Corps, including three combat tours in Iraq, we moved from an apartment in Newport Beach, California to the pine forests of The Woodlands in southeast Texas. From what started as a small container garden in California, to a 8’ x 25’ raised plot in the suburbs, we stepped off on a journey we didn’t even know we were on. The subtle therapeutic effects of gardening helped Jason quail his internal drive for danger and adventure – remnants of his past profession. However, we quickly outgrew the backyard plot and realized that our love for wide-open spaces, clean food and outdoor lifestyle was turning into something more. The seed was sown and Angell’s Farmstead & Apiary was born.